FR on Mt Washington

“Overlooking Pittsburgh Skyline from Mt. Washington.”

Frederick Louis Richardson

Mr. Richardson is the author of three novels, several stage plays and a collection of poetry. He is a partner In DreaMerchant as well as the director and principal writer for Filmwork Experience, an independent production company. For more on his background, go to this link for a downloadable PDF biography.



By Frederick Louis Richardson

The whores of war
Is the war next door
Armed to do battle
Where people are chattel
Who awaken to life in death
That final breath….
Failure of imagination
Brings a bleeding nation
Under attack—a thunderclap
A killing machine
Politics by other means
Babies born into an orgy of violence
A child’s allowance
Pays for the mythology
At the cinema…a cinematic enema
Makes sense on screen
But not in our dreams
Or in our screams
When awaken to reality
The utter mortality
People killing people
The art of war
Never pause for grief
Once started, no relief
Life is its feeding ground
The battle for hearts and minds:
What the mind sees
Breaks the heart of the “patriot”
But don’t get caught
With a suicidal thought
A war within a war
Is a war without end—Amen
Slaughter of the innocent
Day of the Dead
People protest—
“Give peace a chance!”
Voices with few choices
A warrior sandwiched
Between “friendlies” and collateral damage
Bomb blast…wholesale slaughter
Mother, Father, Son and Daughter
Living in a house of war