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The Horror of Herring Hill

By: Frederick Louis Richardson

From the moment a band of misfits and experienced sailors decide to leave the docks in the British Isles to sail away in hopes of better fortune, their fate is sealed by the decision of the ship’s captain to bring along a winsome girl with hidden canine teeth and the inherent ability to extend her neck several times over.

The Horror of Herring Hill, a prequel to Frederick Louis Richardson’s debut novel, Black Rush, offers a glimpse into how forced immigration of African slaves changed the tenuous relationship between colonists ruled by the Crown in faraway England and the natives already living on the imaginary island of Mal de Mer somewhere in the beautiful Caribbean.

After a hellish voyage where almost no one survives, the ship is blown terribly off-course into the warm soothing waters of the Caribbean. What waits is a rocky archipelago raised from the ocean covered by lush greenery hinting at the hope most certainly felt by the crew when the ship first set sail.

Herring Hill is an outpost of civility and order governed by the British meritocracy. But surrounding this polite society are also natives of every hue and origin who have come to call Mal de Mer home. This is where the child-like vampire, Siata, is welcomed by God’s servants as charity would dictate. Life on the island gets very interesting. After all, we do call this book, The Horror of Herring Hill.

Frederick Louis Richardson continues his own unique interpretation of vampires started with his signature novel, Black Rush. Written as a companion and prequel to the well-regarded horror novel, Black Rush, the author has filled out the saga from the beginning. As an e-book, The Horror of Herring Hill is designed for good screen reading on your favorite device – good writing, perfect length and excitement all the way. Just be careful not to walk into traffic while you’re reading it.

E-book Only, $3.99


The Rococo Paradox

By: Frederick Louis Richardson

Frank Rococo, retired Marine and department store security specialist who catches shoplifters, moonlights doing wet work for special clients. Only his last job didn’t go as planned in Rock Creek Park when he thought he fulfilled the contract to kill a DC Metropolitan police detective named Sooty Settles. But, there was a shadow assassin operating in the park that warm spring night fragrant with the smell of cherry blossoms. Who took the fatal kill-shot with a .38 Special when Frank had used a Colt .45 Revolver? Surprisingly, the slain cop’s widow unaware of Rococo’s role asked him for assistance in finding her husband’s killer. His reputation in the community as a go-to-guy led her to Frank’s door.

His acceptance of her request puzzles his tough as nails father, Leo Rococo, who is well aware of what his son does in his off-hours. Frank’s first priority is to find out who did this job for him. To unravel this paradox, Rococo has to navigate around the treacherous relationship with his own powerful employers and avoid the intrusion of government officials. In addition, Frank keeps up his commitment to the community to help neighbors who have problems that don’t involve borrowing a cup of sugar. It’s a busy life that brings him into contact with both foreign and domestic enemies. After all, Washington, DC is one of the world’s capitals. It’s also a crazy quilt of characters that include MS-13 gang members, a Nigerian gentlemen’s club, gay and on-the-down-low men, corrupt judges and different kinds of women in Rococo’s life.

The Rococo Paradox is a murder mystery for the thoughtful reader who understands that the world is made up of unusual people and complex situations. Each character in the story is part of this colorful mosaic. People trust Frank Rococo enough to give him information that brings him closer to the truth. As he learns the answer to the grieving widow’s question as well as his own, he uncovers the missing puzzle in his family’s mystery.

Trade paperback, 280 pages $8.99


Black Rush

By: Frederick Louis Richardson

Instead of a fanged kiss, these Black Rush vampires owe their existence to a mosquito-driven disease that passes through generations. A departure from the blood-and-fangs of Dracula and sticky-sweet romantic tangles of current popular storytelling, the author opens up the novel by acquainting the reader with Siata, a nubile yet ferocious African girl aboard a Middle-Passage slave ship on the high seas of the Atlantic then flashes forward two hundred years where on a Caribbean island her spawn has thrived; and finally to modern Washington DC, the perfect setting for the culture of “vampires” in the shadows of the monuments living and killing on the streets of the nation’s capital.

Written and published well before the “Twilight” saga of vampire novels, this tale of science-fiction, fantasy and horror by Frederick Louis Richardson went viral on the Internet and is now well-regarded and treasured by vampire lovers around the world. Its publisher, DreaMerchant, is making brand new copies available here on this site for purchase.

Trade paperback, 278 pages, $7.99

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