DreaMerchant® is currently looking for other authors to publish. If you are self-published or have a work in progress, this is a way to submit a summary proposal for consideration. PLEASE DO NOT SEND OR ATTACH YOUR COMPLETE MANUSCRIPT!

We are asking that you limit your proposal to 250-500 words. If you are unfamiliar with an appropriate format to use , some sites you may visit are the following or find others through search engines,,

We prefer to receive a PDF version, but will also accept a Word document attachment. Simply fill out this online form and attach your file.

You will receive an acknowledgement that your information has been sent successfully and we will evaluate your submission as soon as possible. Please understand that our decision to contact you does not imply a commitment to publish, only a request for additional information about your proposal.

Thank you for your interest!

Beverly Richardson, Publisher

    If DreaMerchant does not think this proposal is appropriate for our company and we are aware of another publisher that might be interested in your submission, you give us permission to forward your proposal. It is up to that publisher to communicate with you.